Forschungsarbeiten Volkswirte

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  • 2015, Christoph Zwick: On the origin of current account deficits in the EURO area…



  • 2013, Dr. Ming-Jin Jiang: Bankruptcy Exemptions and Non-linear Pricing and Rationing…*
  • 2013, Dr. Francesco Lancia: Self-Enforcing Intergenerational Risk-Sharing and Pension*
  • 2013, Heiko Rachinger: Venture Capital, Entrepreneurship and Labor Market Adjustments
  • 2013, Dr. Maryia Teteryatnikova: Does the growth in higher education mean a decline…*
  • 2013, Dr. Matan Tsur: Financial Contracts, Bargaining and Security Design*




* in der Stiftungsbibliothek Annagasse 1, A-1010 Wien